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Wedding highlights clips in Athens and more!

Updated: Jul 10

You know, Greece is an oasis of beauty, love and harmony on Earth, which was praised in books of Ancient Hellas. Modern Greece is as uniquely sensual and inspired as it was many centuries ago.

I have a few offer for all couple and event planners for cinematic highlights clips!

If u interested video films for Baptism ceremony please click this link.

Weddings in Santorini

For wedding short film (5-8 min) by "Kay at work" is 500 Euro with fpa - in ATHENS for 2020.

For wedding on islands or other region, please contact with me with whatsapp, email, phone or social networks below. Usually, the price for islands wedding included cost for my work and transporting cost.

In this post i show you 2 wedding clips with pre wedding day!

Prewedding shooting (it is a few hours ) not included in cost 500 Euro for Athens.

But the price for this option very low - just 100 Euro.

For doctors of state hospitals and firefighters an additional discount of 200 euros.

Final cost 300 Euro for wedding highlights clip!

Video below was for couple from Canada. They ordered a wedding on the island Santorini.

We took this order with great enthusiasm. We are filmed two days!

The first day - we shot the "love story". And the 2nd day - a ceremony and a restaurant.

The price for this video was not 500 Euro.

Weddings Santorini Greece

βιντεοσκόπηση γάμου - βάπτισης!

Wedding FILMMAKER in Athens & GREECE!!


Based in Athens, available throughout the Greece

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